EBSYS was founded in 2000 by Philippe Bonneau, Senior Capital Markets consultant.

The IT domains on which we intervene:

 - Sophis: toolkit, API, extractions, connections with other systems (Fidessa, Riskmetrics, Swapswire...)
 - Reuters: SSL, SFC, RFA
 - Bloomberg: BLPApi, Data License
 - Gridcomputing (Datasynapse)
 - IT performances and tuning

Our functional specialties:

- Equity derivatives activities
- Funds (CPPI)
- Risk management (stress-scenarii, ALM)


EBSYS owns the ITQuants.com website. 

ITQuants.com is a private platform on which recognized experts in technology and quantitative research share their knowledge, concerning internal developments using commercial or open-source computing grids, in-house developments or third parties components like Murex, Sophis, Calypso, Summit...

For any access to this platform or commercial support, please send us an email using the contact form.

You can contact us on LinkedIn too, by joining the ITQuants group.